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40 hours towards your successful career in film hairdressing

The first and only academy of its kind, On_Set provides not only technical training, but practical education as well.  Students find themselves completely immersed in their course of study from day one. Classes are taught by award-winning industry professionals. Students receive advanced training focused on hairdressing that sets them apart, allowing them to establish a coveted presence on-set and to perform above and beyond expectation.  Graduates can utilize their skills in any number of arenas; from TV to film to photography and in the salon, but only On_Set Academy provides the added benefit of instruction in etiquette, professionalism and cutting-edge technique necessary for them to excel.  Producers need highly-skilled, highly-trained stylists and those who have a thorough understanding of everything from script breakdown to special effects have a distinct advantage. When students begin training at On Set Hair Academy, they have passion and a dream. They know where they want to end up, but not how to get there. We mentor you


Responsible for launching the successful careers of countless (working) Hollywood stylists, Susan remains committed to giving back and providing education that gives On_Set’s graduates the distinct edge they need to make their dream careers a reality.

*all class dates are subject to change 


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