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Susan J Lipson and the Creation of On_Set Motion Picture Hair Academy

Veteran Hollywood hairstylist and On_Set Academy founder Susan Lipson’s career has spanned over twenty years and her creative contributions have transformed high-profile actors from both film and television alike.  Credited with hit films like Charlie’s Angels, Anchorman, Spiderman 3 and Van Helsing (among others,) Susan’s achievements as a Master Stylist, Extension Expert and Colorist have helped some of Hollywood’s hottest actors become more believable and memorable characters.  


In addition to applying her artistry to the tresses of Kirsten Dunst, Al Pacino, Kate Beckensdale and Drew Barrymore (to name a few,)  Susan simultaneously owned and operated her own salon and  in 1997, founded On_Set Academy. Eager to share the hands-on expertise and experience she’d acquired, Susan created the academy to help others receive the advanced training necessary to “break into the business” and have prolific and prosperous careers.  “There was virtually no education or training like what On_Set offers when I started out,” says Lipson.  “My goal,” she continues, “was to make sure that I changed that.”


The first and only academy of its kind, On_Set provides not only technical training, but practical education as well.  Students receive advanced training focused on hairdressing that sets them apart, allowing them to establish a coveted presence on-set and to perform above and beyond expectation.  Graduates can utilize their skills in any number of arenas; from TV to film to photography and in the salon, but only On_Set Academy provides the added benefit of instruction in etiquette, professionalism and cutting-edge technique necessary for them to excel.  Producers need highly-skilled, highly-trained stylists and those who have a thorough understanding of everything from script breakdown to special effects have a distinct advantage.


Responsible for launching the successful careers of countless (working) Hollywood stylists, Susan remains committed to giving back and providing education that gives On_Set’s graduates the distinct edge they need to make their dream careers a reality.



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Our Graduates

Get Inspired by some of our graduates
Marie Larkin

"This has been my favorite hair class Ive ever taken. There’s a lot of information presented in a format that’s easily digestible. The teachers are very approachable with a refreshing lack of ego. I feel that Ive learned so much." ​ -Marie Larkin

Adruitha Lee - On Set Hair graduate

Before attending this class, I could not imagine how I could possibly learn of all of these things in one week. Well, you made a believer out of me. I would recommend this class to anyone that has a true love for the business and this profession. Adruitha Lee – Brentwood, TN


I have a new outlook on hairstyling. It’s a shame that this knowledge is or was on the verge of being lost. I’m proud to say I was a student in your class. I feel very motivated about the future of my career. Carla Farmer – Los Angeles, Ca

Stacy K. Black

I have no words for how much gratitude I have for you. I called you in such a panic 10 zillion times, and you always had time, patience, answers, and encouragement. Thank you – thank you – thank you! You are an angel & I’m glad we met. My movie went well & I had nice compliments from the director and producer. I look forward to my next 40 hours at ON SET!! All my love, Stacy K. Black

Rick Wellman

Learning a completely different aspect of my current profession was eye-opening. I liked the one-on-one personal attention and best of all, finding an environment where mutual interest fosters mutual growth. I hope I’ve been able to express my gratitude – it’s been many, many years since I’ve been so inspired! I’ve never felt so much at my best. And I made a few new friends too. Rick Wellman NY, NY

Cammy Langer

I feel very privileged to have participated in this class because education for the motion picture is so limited. I feel much better going back to work after this, I feel like I have a lot more knowledge under my belt. I just want to say thank you very much for opening this school, we really needed it. - Cammy Langer

Our Graduates
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